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Today's outdoor advertising practices have completely evolved from the traditional means and modes. Outdoor advertising is not just about a mundane display of a brand or business message. Talking billboards have been continuously implanted by advertisers that provide a good interaction between brands and customers. LCD or LED displays at various outdoor locations provide exclusive brand experience to potential buyer groups. All in all, brand advertising through outdoor media has become a craze among most of the brand and business owners.

Airport Advertising and Mall Advertising are two burgeoning avenues of outdoor industry. The use of innovative medium is one of the secrets behind the success of these two avenues of outdoor advertising. Airport Advertising offers an innovative and flexible range of media opportunities to brand owners. Airport Ads range from long-term and short-term OOH panels. Interactivity is one of the major assets of an airport ad display. Airport Advertising is also advantageous because of the very fact that it reaches out to the most affluent segment of the population who have easy spending capacity to avail the advertised brand or business. Adaptable to any business or product, airport advertising is an exclusive means of promoting the image of the company or organization.

Mall culture is mushrooming day by day across the country. Mall Advertising is also therefore a rampant practice among many brand and business owners. Modern customers prefer to spend their leisure time at the various shopping malls indulging in shopping, watching movies, dining or simply hanging out with friends. These customers are people who amenable to buy any type of product that sounds interesting or matching to their lifestyle. Mall ads target these customers through interactive displays that are eye-catching and uncluttered to access. Most of the ad displays in and around the shopping malls provide addresses of brand stores. Thus Mall Advertising is also a good source of targeting customers for a particular brand/service.

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